And so we begin….

So here we are!  Like many people before me I had the idea of writing about all of my challenges in working with kids with feeding challenges, having kids of my own that can at times be picky, and my own struggles with wellness.  My background is in Occupational Therapy (OT) but I hope to add a bit of a different angle on this website.  I am sure I will get the hang of blogging over the next few weeks so for now…I apologize as I am just trying to figure out how this works.

Working with picky eaters for years has always peaked my interest in the world of feeding.  There are so many reasons why a child may be picky and sometimes there may be no reason.  I have taken many courses to help me problem solve with families on the best approaches to dealing with picky eating but the best learning experience for me was having my own children.  I remember the first time I let my now 4 year old get really messy with food I thought “I gave a ton of bad advice”.  Sure feeding is messy and fun but cleaning up sucks!

I hope to provide some tips, recipes, laughter, and also some thoughts on trying to embed healthy living into everyday living.  I am on my own wellness journey and really focusing on having a good relationship with food.

So sit back.  Enjoy the ride and laugh.

Thank you for joining me!



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